Born in Italy, graduated from college in London, my first job was at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.

Studied fine art, photography, performance art and method acting.

Sold my thesis about the cinema of John Cassavetes to a foreign student and used the money to move to California.

Interesting people I’ve worked with include Oliver Stone, Leonardo Di Caprio, Wayne Wang, Klaus Kinski, Kareem Abdul Jabbar , Matthew Rolston and Derek Jarman. But there are also many more who are not famous. 

Companies I have worked for include Sony Pictures, Boss Film Studios, Disney, CBS, Elemental, Playground, Click 3x, IMAX, Inaudible..

I have climbed on the Tibetan side of Mt Everest.

My still photography and video installation work has been shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

I like experimental cinema and playing with alternative modes of visual narration.

I don’t eat meat or fish because I love animals.